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Childhood Cancer Warriors 


Camille is an amazingly strong person and warrior. She was diagnosed with metastatic Osteosarcoma when she was 12. She had a tumor on a right tibia and in her lungs. She had a limb surgery that removed 3/4 of her tibia. She also had two lung surgeries. It has been 8 years and she has relapsed 5 times. She has been on 4 different treatment regimens and had over 15 surgeries. She is currently recovering from a thorocotamy she had in February 2021. "Living life with a chronic cancer diagnosis hasn't been easy, but I throw myself into what I love to do to make it through. I've found a new passion in singing and musical theater, and have stared in many local productions." -Camille

About Our Leather


Campbell was amazing. She was a competitive ski racer in Vail Colorado. She was 16 when she was diagnosed with CIC-DUX4 a Ewing's- like Sarcoma. She was brave, amazing fighter. She showed me how to fight. While fighting, she started a foundation for kids like her. Her foundation is the Ski Fast Foundation. It gives money for kids with sarcomas so they can achieve their goals. She was a fierce advocator for childhood cancer. She went to the capital and fought for childhood cancer.  


Katie is a fierce warrior. She was originally diagnosed when she was 17 with Ewing's sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. She went through one year of treatment. During this time she did 17 rounds of chemo, 7 surgeries, 30 blood transfusions and fought off sepsis.  After being 1 year cancer-free and finishing her first year of college. She discovered a swollen lymph node on her groin. She has to fight Ewing's again. She has started chemo again and will has done 4 rounds so far. She will do treatment for another year which will include more chemo, surgery and radiation. Send your prayers to her to help her fight. 

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