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How YOU Can Join The fight

Email Your Representatives 

Colorado Representatives: 

Senior Senator Michael Bennet: 


Phone Number: 202-224-5852

Junior Senator John Hickenlooper:


Phone Number:202-224-5941

Utah Representatives: 

Senior Senator Mike Lee:


Phone Number:202-224-5444 

Junior Senator Mitt Romney:


Phone Number:202-224-5251

National Cancer Institute:

Director Norman E. Sharpless M.D


Phone Number: 240-781-3300

Copy and Paste This Email and Send it to the Representative

Dear ____

My name is _____. I have recently learned about childhood cancers.  I am upset that ALL of the childhood cancers, incredibly different and indescribably awful, only get 4% of cancer research funding! This is NOT okay and I am pleading for your help! Children and childhood cancer research deserves more than 4%!  I’m asking you to fight for the children!  Please, when the NCI’s budget comes to your desk, think of the child that gets diagnosed every TWO minutes in our country.  These children are forced into the fight of their lives.  Please fight with them!  The children, the future of our country, deserve more than just 4% of the National Cancer Institute’s budget!  

Thank you for your attention to this important issue!



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